Mike Lynch Cartoonist and Blogger

Welcome to my brand-new blog. I’ll be writing about people whom I admire, especially, writers and cartoonists. Today’s entry is about a wonderful cartoonist, Mike Lynch. Mike’s cartoons have appeared in so many publications it’s impossible to list them all here and still have room to say anything else. Some of his credits include, The Readers Digest, The Wall Street Journal, Playboy, and Harvard Business Review. Mike has a beautiful loose style that is immediately recognizable. He’s also done some great autobiographical comics and has recently started doing book illustration. Here are a few of Mike’s cartoons.

In addition to Mike’s cartoons he has a great daily blog called¬†Mikelynchcartoons, which does amazing pieces on cartoonists. He also has great advice for cartoonists who are just starting out and for seasoned pros. Mike often runs cartoons from the 1950s and 1960s. It’s fun to look at all that retro work and see how different the clothing, cars, social mores, and language are from today. Aside from cartoons, comic strips, old books, news and interviews, Mike also likes to occasionally run pictures of his New England garden and his cats. (Hey, it’s his blog he can do whatever he likes!)¬† Plus, he sometimes posts cool stuff about Star Trek. Now that’s what I call a great blog!