Are the only comic strips you read in newspapers or on syndicated comics websites? The internet is overflowing with cool comic strips that are too hip, surreal, or intelligent for mainstream media. Here are a few webcomics well worth checking out.

Awkward Yeti - The World Needs Heart webcomics

Awkward Yeti – The World Needs Heart

The Awkward Yeti (@AwkwardYeti). These comic strips, by Nick Seluk, encompass a number of continuing features including, a heart and brain that talk to each other, a Yeti monster (who isn’t very monstrous) and a medical doctor. Many are cerebral, some silly, others comment on  relationships or society.

liz climo webcomics

The Little World of Liz Climo

Liz Climo (@LizClimo). Her comic strips are about anthropomorphic animals. But unlike many webcomics, hers are gentle with a quiet, understated humor. Liz works as a character artist on The Simpsons TV show, which, by contrast, is the opposite in tone from her strips. Her cute animals are engaged in very human situations and their reactions often reveal basic truths. There is a warm, childlike innocence to her viewpoint, yet it is also very wise.

Incidental Comics - Grant Snider "Thanks" 11/22/17 webcomics

Incidental Comics – Grant Snider “Thanks” 11/22/17

Incidental Comics by Grant Snider (@incidentalcomics). Grant’s multi-panel strips (often taking up a whole page) are either  slice of life stories or non-linear narratives that often have a philosophical aspect to them. They are much like illustrated poems. His comics about daily life have a beautiful quality to them not often found in this medium.

Marc Bilgrey is the writer of a new webcomic called Tom’s Tiki Bar (facebook @Toms-Tiki-Bar). The artist is Jason Chatfield. The strip is about a married couple that own a neighborhood bar, their waitress daughter, pet parrot, and the bar’s customers. It can be read by going to www.tomstikibar.squarespace.com or Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Toms-Tiki-Bar-1776628262356792/.