C.E. Lawrence, (the pen name of Carole Buggé) writes suspense novels that examine the dark side of human behavior. She’s fascinated by the criminal mind, how it got that way and why it does such terrible things. Her series character, Lee Campbell, is a criminal profiler who helps the New York City police catch serial killers. As one would suspect by the description, these are gritty stories set in a shadowy world populated by sociopaths and the people intent on stopping them. To break the tension of his job, Campbell occasionally plays the piano. Readers looking for recipes, cute kittens, and little old ladies that solve crimes should look elsewhere. This is dark stuff. Lawrence (Carole) has done extensive research into not only aberrant psychology, but the working methods of actual F.B.I. profilers, to insure the accuracy of her books.

The Campbell character has appeared in a number of novels with the word ‘silent’ in the title: Silent Screams, Silent Victim, Silent Kills, and an e-book, Silent Stalker. (If there’s noise in the title he probably isn’t in it.) New York Times bestselling thriller author, John Lutz, called Carole’s books, “Pulse racing, compelling, first rate. Lawrence knows how to build suspense.”

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Carole Buggé has also, under her own name, written some Sherlock Holmes novels, one of which, The Star of India, was recently reissued by Titan Books. Interestingly, Buggé is a Holmes enthusiast and has a real affinity for the Victorian era.

star of india sherlock holmes by ce lawrenceI find this particularly interesting since such interests are in sharp contrast to her Lee Campbell series. Holmes, after all, is the ultimate gentleman detective, who lives to restore order to what is essentially a very genteel world. The Campbell character is really the polar opposite of Holmes. He dwells in a violent world where there is no order. The most he can hope to do is to catch one predator at a time and try to make a small difference. Often writers have many sides to them. One needs to look no further than Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of the logical Sherlock Holmes. Though Holmes dismissed anything spiritual or psychic, Conan Doyle himself was a believer and wrote many supernatural and science fiction stories.

But, as they used to say in late night TV commercials, “Wait, there’s more!” Carole is also an award winning playwright, composer and, improv performer. She did improv professionally for years and is an excellent comedy actress and singer.  How many other thriller writers can make that claim?

To learn more about CE Lawrence go to www.CE Lawrence.com.