john lustig you can readJohn Lustig writes a unique single panel cartoon called, Last Kiss. The drawings for Last Kiss are not done by him, but instead, are taken from old romance comic books that were originally published by Charlton comics (a long defunct company) from 1957-1965. John takes panels from these comics, removes the lettering, then adds his own dialogue. The results are funny, ironic, often campy lines spoken by these serious looking characters. Sometimes he uses double entendres, puns, or just plain silly declarations. Many of them are about sex, but they’re not explicit, just funny. The art he uses in Last Kiss is often by well-known comic book artists of the time, including, Dick Giordano (who later went on to pencil and ink Batman) and Vince Colletta, who later gained fame as an inker for the legendary Jack Kirby, co-creator of Captain America, The Fantastic Four, and Thor, among others.

Some years ago, John bought the rights to these old comic books and started re-lettering the panels. The results first appeared in the comic book fan and news publication, The Buyer’s Guide. From there his success grew and these very funny panels are now featured on such products as greeting cards, magnets, and metal signs. If you want to read this comic panel every day, without charge, check out Last Kiss on lustig passed interview

John began his career as a newspaper journalist, then started writing for Donald Duck comic books. I’ve read some of them and thought they were very well done, and firmly in the grand tradition set by writer and cartoonist, Carl Barks; the wonderful former Disney animator, whose work on Donald earned him a worldwide cult following.

Check out Last Kiss cartoons. You may never look at romance the same way again!